FAQ | Brizo – Fast and sustainable logistics

Common questions and answers

Brizo Co is a fulfillment company that enables businesses to offer sustainable same-day deliveries on their webshops. We handle storage, picking, packing, delivery, returns, and more, while businesses focus on their core operations.

Brizo Co has a simple and flexible process. First, businesses connect their webshops to our platform using ready-made e-commerce integrations. Then, they send us their products and manage their orders through our web application. We split their inventory across our local warehouses according to their needs. Finally, as soon as an order is placed in their webshop, it automatically gets transmitted to us. This way, we can start processing the order and deliver it to their customer immediately.

Brizo Co is sustainable because we have local warehouses, use less packaging material, and offer sustainable deliveries. By optimizing inventory levels and distribution between different warehouses, we reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries. Also, we offer same-day deliveries to reduce the need for overnight shipping.

Brizo Co has flexible and affordable pricing. Businesses pay for storage based on used or reserved space, picking per picked item, packing for each packed order, delivery for each delivery made, returns for each returned handled, and other services as needed. There are no upfront costs, and it’s easy to scale up or down depending on business needs. There is no lock-in period or notice period.

Businesses own the customer and data because all purchases are made on their webshop. We handle fulfillment but do not own any customer or data information.